My camera is acting up, so she needs to go on a little vacation back to Canon for some much needed rest and relaxation, maybe a spa treatment. LOL . She {the camera} will be gone 2-3 weeks.

I will not be booking any new appointments until sometime in May. If you want to book a session in the middle of May, I think we are safe to do so.

I some product modeling I have to get done and will borrow a friends camera to get the job done.
I guess I will have some time to work on Esty.

Etsy...I finally did it.

Thats right, I fianlly opened an Etsy shop. What's is Etsy you say? "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade" Etsy has some AMAZING crafters. I have gotten some great stuff. Pictures will follow soon.

What is Jennifer going to sell you ask. Fine art pints, wall art and some photography props, camera straps and lens wrappers/cozies ( I have not come up with my own little name for them yet.

The the print above {Before I Blossem} is a 8x8 print and cn found found at the link above on Etsy.
I do not have to much on Etsy yet, it's work in progess
Feel free to contact me for more info.

Look who's turning one

This little dude was my very first newborn session I ever did. He was such a tiny little guy. Now he's such a HANDSOME little man. He was so FUNNY with the cake, I thought he would smash it, smoosh it all over the place. But instead he so very carefully picked one M&M off at a time. The mess you see...I tried to help him...no such luck. lol