One BEAUTIFUL family {sneak peek}

This family is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I could see the LOVE in mom and dads eyes when they looked at each and MR D. my little Rock Star...dude you are one cool kid. Little Miss L. I don't know what to say...such a pretty little thing with amazing eyes.

Thank you guys...this was a fun shoot! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

Let's Party...

Why don't you have yourself a portrait party? What is a portrait party you ask?

Portrait Parties are a theme-based, held in your home or at a location of your choice. Each guest will have their own FREE 20 minute photo session. Themes are only limited by your imagination. A few options are holiday, family, play date, glamour, and tea party.

What are the advantages for me and my guests?
NO Session fee, Online gallery previews, NO buying at the party (no pressure)Great packages available Credit Cards accepted

What's in it for you?

The primary benefit of hosting a party (aside from having an outrageous amount of fun!) is to build enough portrait credits to pay for your family%u2019s pictures. You may even use the credits to buy portraits that you ordinarily wouldn't, such as large canvas prints, coffee table albums, collages, etc.

After hosting your first party, you will quickly find yourself a portrait party junkie! You'll be able to look back at the years of hosting parties and have a wealth of beautiful portraits that capture your most treasured memories.

Please contact me for more info.

Casting Call

It's TIME for me to do a Trash the Dress shoot.

• Be free of charge {however, prints may be purchased at regular rates}.

• Require a model release {the image will be published}.
• Be held at an outdoor location of Jennifer's preference. {I would LOVE to hear your ideas too}

Let's start booking those sessions...

{camera update}

I am so EXCITED my camera is on her way home. She will be here within four business days.
I can not to wait to start click. click. clicking again.

OMGoodness...so much.

Let see, some much needed updating.

I am at the moment 100% cameraless { is there such a word?} LOL Hopefully any day, she'll be home. I so miss her.
Thank you Nikki for letting me keep yours as long as I did. I was able to at least get some photos of my Swanky Straps.

Speaking of Swanky Straps...I am having a GIVEAWAY fo a FREE one of your choice. You can find more info at http://swankystraps.blogspot.com/.

My oldest Caitlin went to her prom in a white tux & baseball cap. :)
Her and her date looked FAB!!! They had a great time. Just a few more short weeks and she'll be ot of high school. Boy am I getting old or what?

Yep...I'am turning 37 on the 9th. My mom was shocked to see ALL the grey hairs when I pulled my hair back. I hear grey is BEAUTIFUL?

My cell in now resting in peace, thank you Cody for knocking into the tub. Just got a cute green one with s full key board. It no longer take an half an hr to say hi.

I guess that about it for now. Don't forget to go to the giveaway.

{be back soon} Jen