Gypsy Fringe Mat

WOW...I had no idea, that these would take so long to make. But it's ok, I LOVE them. I have so many idea running in my head and can not wait to started using them.

I made a large one and a mini. They turned out pretty cool. I tried using my one year old as a model, but she was not having it. So I used my son Cody on the mini. Is he not the cutest?





Zane {sneak peek}

Zane was such a good baby, I don't think I remember hearing a peep out of him the entire time. We suck in just a few inbetween his cousin's {Nadia}feedings. Thanks Jenn

Nadia {sneak peek}

Introducing Baby Nadia, thanks to her Auntie Jenn for telling Nadia's Mommy, Jessica about the newborn casting call. The two of you are a hoot.

{and she turned one}

Here is a little {snea peek} into my life.My baby turned one!

Maysen had a great time at her birthday party. She has NEVER let anyone hold her, I mean NEVER! The whole entire day she was being held, by people she does not really know very well. She did not cry once. I was AMAZED...
I LOVE you, Maysen Isabella!!!